Welcome to Turning Point Recovery Society, one of BCs leading non-profit providers of residential addictions support recovery from drugs and alcohol located in the Lower Mainland.

Turning Point currently offers our services for men and women in Vancouver, Richmond, and North Shore. We are a licensed facility under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act in BC.

Our program is typically 3-5 months in duration and is open to adults aged 19 and older who are wanting our help. Turning Point is proud to have served our community for over 30 years.

For more information about Turning Point and our program, please visit the links below:

Admissions Information

Contact Turning Point staff at one of our sites to apply for admission. Admission requests can be made by individuals, family members or friends, physicians, psychiatrists, detox facilities, community health centers or referral agents.

Staff will ask service professionals and/or potential clients to complete a referral form, which can be downloaded here: Referral Form

North Shore Women's
Email: Turning Point North Shore

Vancouver (men and women

Email:Turning Point Vancouver

Richmond Men's 

Email:Turning Point Richmond

Richmond Women's
Email: Turning Point Richmond Women's


Outreach and Resource Support

The Turning Point Outreach and Resource Support (OARS) Program connects Richmond residents with services for addiction and mental health needs.

OARS staff have access to a comprehensive network of services in Richmond to help with medical and clinical needs, as well as support a holistic approach to wellness and building a stable life, including access to recreation and social programs, life skills and employment services, and help accessing housing.

The program provides support for:

  • Clients waiting for admission to residential, inpatient, or outpatient addiction and/or mental health treatment programs

  • Clients looking to establish or maintain independent living in the community

All referral sources are welcome. Clients do not need to be interested in Turning Point's residential program to access the OARS program.

OARS Program Information and Referrals
Email: James Caspersen, Program Coordinator


Current Events


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